Magic and Ventriloquism

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Magic and Ventriloquism

My shows include magic, baloon animals, and ventriloquism!

Show prices are as follows:

  1. Bronze package is for up to 10 kids, runs for 30 mins., and is $150.
  2. Silver package is for 11 - 15 kids, runs for 45 mins., and is $180.
  3. Gold package is for 16 - 20 kids, runs for an hour, and is $225.
  4. Platinum package is for 21 or more kids - call for pricing.

I always enjoy entertaining people, and there's nothing better than seeing people smiling and laughing!

For any other questions please feel free to contact me!

  • Balloon Animals!
  • Magic!
  • Ventriloquism!
  • Good Clean Fun at Affordable Prices as Always!
Tony and TJ

Fun Fact!

FUN, LAUGHTER, and AMAZEMENT are the top three reasons that people call me, Tony Garcia, for their special event!

Why? I create FUN and KIDS LOVE ME! I get them laughing and participating so much that it may even shock you!

Have a great time trying something new and different for your child's next party!